Clinical research in Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa (MEMA) Region. A call for action

For the past 3 years, The CardioVascular Clinical Trialists MEMA (Middle East, North Africa, Sub Saharan Africa and Minor Asia), has developed as a new breed of scientific meetings, assembling multiple health care professionals to discuss clinical trials in 2 very novel ways:

  1. Trial science, from design to implementation. We believe that better understanding the making off and the scientific interpretation of the most recent CV clinical trials is key for understanding how best they can improve daily cardiovascular clinical practice.

  2. The state of clinical Research in Africa And Middle East and how to reform and harmonize the regulatory framework and build a sustainable capacity, with the aim of increasing substantially the participation of the investigators in the Region to the global effort of health data and knowledge production.

CVCT MEMA Forum reproduces the successful example of the Global CVCT meetings in Paris, Singapore and Washington DC. It has become an energetic and motivating unique type of meeting. It focuses on clinical research that is shaping future clinical practice in cardiovascular, cardiorenal and cardiometabolic diseases.The specific aim is to examine important and timely clinical research issues relating to methodology, interpretation, approval and implementation of recent, ongoing and future trials and registry data.
CVCT brings together a large international faculty of truly global leading experts involved in cardiovascular clinical trials, with the unique mix of stakeholders, including top cardiovascular trialists, investigators and trial methodologists, Industry R&D and governmental regulatory experts.

We are waiting for you all and hope you will enjoy this unique gathering


Why CVCT MEMA meetings are unique?

Building on the 20 years’ experience of the Global CVCT meetings ( , CVCT MEMA meetings are modeled for genuine sharing experience, among a unique faculty with the highest caliber international peers and colleagues with a remarkable variety of backgrounds: Clinical trial specialists, clinicians, investigators, epidemiologists, statisticians, regulatory authorities, learned societies, patients’ representatives, clinical research organisations, WHO, as well as industry experts and key decision makers.

CVCT MEMA has a unique regional focus involving the WHO regions of EMRO (East Mediterranean Region Organization) from West (Morocco) to East (Pakistan) and from North (Algeria) to south (South Africa). Health care systems in these regions are diverse but they share more common economic, epidemiological and environmental features than with other regions in the world.

Why governmental regulatory agencies should view this initiative differently?

CVCT MEMA is not a simple promotional/educational meeting. It is geared toward action!  Engaging in CVCT MEMA will contribute to better understanding local health care systems and how it incorporates clinical research policies and results. At CVCT 2018 meeting we have achieved a remarkable milestone and drafted a white paper entitled “Clinical Research In Africa And Middle East Roadmap For Reform And Harmonisation Of The Regulatory Framework And Sustainable Capacity Development” multi-authored by most of the faculty members who attended, and now submitted to the Journal of Global Health. We are pleased to share with you confidentially, the submitted draft, upon request.