Clinical research in Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa (MEMA) Region.
A call for action

Clinical research provides robust ways of investigating the safety, clinical benefit and cost effectiveness of treatments, interventions, or other aspects of healthcare provision. Health policy and health industry decision-making and investment, shaping up sustainable and responsible health care systems should rely on optimal quality health data. The contribution of Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa (MEMA) region to high standard health knowledge and actionable data is an important unmet need. Health policy and clinical practice in these regions should improve to be more data driven and more evidence based as to offer better and more cost effective health care to the patients in the Region. Obviously, healthcare in the Region cannot be driven by the simple transposition of evidence and health data collected in high income and/or Northern/Western countries. Increasing the contribution of local investigators and health care professionals to the global clinical research effort and generating a genuine local clinical research is an important priority for all health care professionals and policy makers in the Region. Cardiovascular disease is one of the medical areas where practice is most driven by robust clinical evidence, stemming from well-designed clinical trials. The experience accumulated by international and local experts in this area may serve as a case study starting point, which may be applied to other disease areas.

CardioVascular Clinical Trialists Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa

CVCT meetings are oriented toward brainstorming and intense interaction, among leaders from various backgrounds assembling in a unique think tank. Rather than simple lecturing, and beyond the educational aims, sessions provide ample time for panel discussion among the think tank members and with delegates. Pharmaceutical and health industry should view this initiative differently from a simple promotional/educational meeting. Supporting/attending CVCT will contribute to better understanding local health care systems and governmental policies, disease burden, clinical practice patterns and unmet needs as well as ways for the optimal implementation of major recent therapeutic innovations. The fist CVCT ME forum was held successfully in Abu Dhabi in 14th – 16th of April 2016 With representatives from France, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Saudia Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Oman, Jordan, Turkey and Iran, it has assembled an eminent faculty with different background, including clinicians, epidemiologists, clinical trialists, policy makers, industry, regulatory, and international organisations, such as WHO. For the second edition, CVCT Forum ME is to expand to Mediterranean, African and Far East regions and will be held in Cairo. It aims to involve the WHO regions of EMRO (East Mediterranean Region Organisation) from West (Morocco) to East (Pakistan) and from North (Algeria) to south (South Africa). Health care systems in these regions are diverse but they share more common economic, epidemiological and environmental features than with other regions in the world.